Five Factors to get a manuscript accepted by journals


The doctorate degree is a prestigious one. It is a feather in the cap of an achiever. People are flocking to achieve a doctorate degree because they believe it will help them get a well -paid job. Research scholars claim that they have to submit the manuscript which contains the summary of their research towards the end of their research. This manuscript submission is known as dissertation.

All the research candidates are familiar with the nail biting task of submitting the first manuscript to a journal. Getting their manuscripts published in a journal is an important part of their career.

There is an underlying tension of whether it will get accepted. In this context, we may mention the institutes which have emerged to provide premium quality PhD guidance to the candidates. In fact, PhD assistance is important to reduce the stress level of the research scholars. PhD assistance in India is especially important because of the number of doctorate candidates available.

Now, these professional institutes provide quality services to continue their fame. These companies have offered five tips to make their articles fit to be accepted by a journal.

The points which we are going to discuss above are points around which the scholars develop their research topics. These pointers have proven helpful to the research scholars.

1. Focus on the writing Stage:

The research scholar should allow the article flow logically. The presentation of the article is of great importance. To focus while writing, the research scholar should keep factors like his target audience, why they will read his paper, and previous solutions provided in mind.

He should also figure out the following points while writing:

  • The problems which his target audience are facing
  • Whether they have been addressed
  • Which problems have not been addressed
  • What he needs to address now
  • The methodology or the specific technique

2. Selection of a proper Title to his research article:

The title of the article plays a significant role in conveying the gist of the dissertation. A catchy but meaningful title also grabs the attention of the journal editors really soon. However, the research scholar should keep in mind that the title should be catchy but not tacky. A tacky title reduces the value of the article. A well -known proverb is "The first impression is always the last impression." So, a well thought out article is always impressive and creates a positive first impression about the writer and the article.

3. Headings and Subheadings:

The journal publishers are always on the lookout for articles which flow smoothly. It should seem as if one point blends with the next point effortlessly. So, the important points have to be categorized under headings. The points under a particular heading should not be too long. The reason is that too long points may cause distraction or irritation. To prevent monotony, the points under each article may be split up into several subheadings.

4. Abstract has to contain the main argument:

The editors of reputed journals expect the manuscripts to contain explicit arguments in the first paragraph. The arguments should be expressed clearly. Though the first paragraph should contain the main volume of the argument, it may carry on through the different sections. Instead of justifying the article, as opposed to the previous publication, they should dedicate a few paragraphs on the limitations of their topic.

5. The Correct journal:

A suitable journal significantly improves the chances of getting the paper published. It also helps the research scholar reach out to his target audience.

Hence, the research scholars should take feedback from peers or colleagues before selecting a journal.

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