Guidelines for Manuscript


A person who has completed his doctorate degree is considered to be knowledgeable. The manuscript that has to be completed while doing a Ph.D. is known as manuscript or dissertation. There is a particular format in which the dissertation has to be written. In case the format is not followed, the degree will not be endowed. In this context, those who are pursuing a Ph.D. need professional assistance. Dissertation writing services in India have become quite popular. Bhavathi Technologies offer dissertation writing services in Hyderabad. Ph.D. guidance is essential to the candidates because they may not be able to follow the guidelines perfectly. An organization like Bhavathi Technologies comes in handy in making the candidates aware.

So, let us find out how a manuscript should be structured. The contact details of all those who have contributed to the dissertation, the affiliation of the authors, as well as editors, must be mentioned at the beginning. The gist of the dissertation within 250 words (also known as abstract) should be mentioned at the forefront.

  • 3-6 keywords are also used throughout the dissertation. Even the names of those who have only provided technical support should not be omitted from the list.
  • The authors should stick to either American English or British English while drafting and publishing the dissertation. The topic should be evident in the crisp and clear title. Horizontal lines are accepted only. The content is generally not allowed in PDF format.
  • Times New Roman Font and font size of 12 are universally accepted for dissertation. In case the materials incorporated in the dissertation are subject to copyright, the printing press would need a copy of the permission from the copyright holder.
  • For dissertations, including mathematical equations, it is important to use the app named Mathtype. It is equally important to meet the deadline as prescribed by the editor. These photos or diagrams should be cropped as needed. The contributions of all the people, any dispute, or the list of names should be mentioned at the back.
  • A Ph.D. candidate needs to do thorough research., The research yields records. Callouts are used within the paragraph to show the approximate location of a particular figure. These dissertations should only be written in word documents.
  • It is essential to replace all the sentences with Passive voice in the Active voice when required. Using a solid black and white pattern in bar graphs is crucial. The pictures need to be processed and cropped suitably. A 1.5-inch margin should be present in the dissertation. It is of primary importance to use the details of the authors because we need to know the correct names of the people who are getting credits.
  • Bhavathi Technologies provides appropriate Ph.D. guidance in India because it hires professionals to compose the dissertations in the format mentioned above. It is preferable to use the same font throughout the dissertation. However, specific keywords may be made bold to take the stress. The entire document should be legible and spaced.

Ph.D. assistance in India is essential to provide a thorough knowledge of these technicalities. Hence, this organization has made Ph.D. guidance in India rather lucrative.