What are the Best things to consider when Selecting Your Dissertation Research Topic


Dissertation, by definition, refers to a piece of writing on a particular topic. But it is so much more than that. It is your entire life's work, compiled in a few pages. It represents what you have worked on, your discoveries and achievements. And the significance of a dissertation is not limited to this. A thesis is as essential to you as is it for the upcoming generation. There is a possibility that your dissertation might lay the initial groundwork for some more significant discovery.

Knowledge begets knowledge. One piece of information leads to another information. Keeping in mind that your research has the potential to instigate other influential investigation, it only makes sense to put a great deal of work in your thesis. And an essential part of writing a dissertation is to decide on a topic. It is better to choose a topic which you are familiar with and have an immense passion for.

There are a few things you should keep in mind before selecting a topic for your Dissertation Research:

  • Select a topic that interests you- It is essential to choose a topic which you are genuinely attracted to. Because while working on a thesis, you might hit many roadblocks. Phases of boredom will crush you like waves. You might want to leave all the work midway. That is why it is better to choose a topic which you find fascinating. This fascination keeps you going, no matter what. And this is the fascination which encourages you to put in your best in every situation.
  • Gather prior knowledge- Before you start working on a paper, it is beneficial to gather all the knowledge that you can. It is possible that some earlier work has been done on the topic. It not only helps to lay the basis of your thesis but also helps you widen your knowledge horizon. With a strengthened foundation, you will be able to build a better thesis.
  • The theoretical basis for your thesis- Building a robust conceptual framework is an essential step of your thesis. This framework acts as the spine of your thesis. A theoretical framework is more like a reference to prior published documents that you take into consideration in your thesis. It represents the source of your idea and also the general direction in which your thesis is headed.

Choosing a thesis topic is a very crucial step. Thesis writing is an essential step in anyone's career. And a good thesis topic ensures that you rise above all. Thesis writing is no joke, and therefore it is best to seek professional guidance when it comes to thesis writing.

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