How We Work

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Enquiry to Business Team

The Scholars initiates a research with the business team by trying in to web site or through varied social media platforms. The business team has associate degree intial understanding of the Scholars, background, domain of interest, Scholars demand.

Technical Team Discussion

This enquiry is passed on to the technical team by clearly giving all the on top of data. looking on Scholars convenience and request a Scholars decision is organized with Scholars. This facilitates a transparent understanding of the Scholars necessities. The clarifications on each side square measure clearly created and total clarity within the entire speech communication is ensured.

Preparation of SOP

The Scholars then prepares a press release of downside looking on his/her specifications and directions. The document is ready in a very period of seven days. The document is shipped across to the Scholars for approval. The Scholars once seeing the SOP, he/she approves or makes some modifications. the ultimate SOP is ready.


The last stage within the entire method implementation is additionally meted out and sent across to the Scholars. Once the Scholars approves, the entire document is shipped for commercial enterprise in national/ international various journal. Once the manuscript gets accepted the Scholars is well-read. In case of thesis writing services, the entire document is formed and sent to Scholars for approval. the ultimate document is ready once Scholars approves looking on university necessities.

Further Method

The final SOP provides total clarity and understanding on each side. Then this initiates following stages of service looking on the requirement:

Research Methodology

Bhavathi Technologies should dedicate some analysis methodology, or alternative words, explaining however we tend to ar aiming to method and confirm regarding doing all your analysis. This projected methodology of our Doctor of Philosophy analysis work conjointly demonstrates our information of existing analysis methodologies in our space of reaserch study.

  • Journal writing: twenty days time
  • Thesis writing services: forty five days time
  • Once the document is ready and it's sent for Scholars approval.

Additional Services Provided

After the completion of total documents whether or not it's journal writing or Ph.D. writing izone additionally offers extra services to the Scholars. we have a tendency to additionally check the plagiarism content within the work and that we check that that the content has but 100% similarities with alternative printed contents.

We additionally align the entire work, check for descriptive linguistics, orthography mistakes, trade mistakes, paragraph alignment & spacing, content page, sub headings and main headings within the work. a complete checking is finished page by page, word by word for two -3 times wholly to create positive there square measure completely no mistakes. Then it's sent to internal control manager for final verification and approval. Once it's cleared by the standard management manager, the document is shipped across to the Scholars among the required time.

If any more clarifications or tiny assistances within the document is provided to a most of two occasions solely.