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PhD Assistance

Going through the application process of PhD is actually quite difficult. There are many aspects of the same and study as well, which go unnoticed by the students. The reason is that the procedure is actually vast and lengthy and at times difficult to attain. Bhavathi Technologies provides all such PhD Guidance, aspirants are in need of. We have all such experts present at our organization who will guide you smoothly along the process. They have all the knowledge and also personally experience which makes them qualified personnel.

PhD Assistance in Hyderabad

Importance of PhD

Speaking of the greatest wealth an aspiring academician can possess, a PhD degree makes one the wealthiest. There are many ways, a PhD degree helps you grow as a person, and it will improve your abilities, understanding and problem-solving skills, builds your confidence, helps improve your communication skills and lastly help you acquire all the skills which would help you crack a better job. It also plays a vital role if you ever decide moving out of the academic arena.

Just like any other master’s degree has various streams, each PhD is different. The process might be the same, but everyone’s PhD is quite unique. This is what makes it the highest studies a person can pursue. You have to make a contribution to the studies or the arena you wish to do your PhD in. You can come up with different research aims, core findings, and a different and unique overview. The stages, irrespective of the research stay common

  • Preparing a research proposal
  • Carrying out a literature review
  • Conducting research and collecting results
  • Completing an MPhil to PhD upgrade
  • Producing an original thesis
  • Writing up your dissertation
  • Defining your PhD at viva voce

The process isn’t as easy as it sounds; you need a lot of guidance from selecting the topic of research until you successfully receive your degree. Guidance is the best way you can seek out for in order to get yourself a PhD. The experts at Bhavathi Technologies will guide you thoroughly through the entire procedure, for they are highly knowledgeable.

PhD process

The nature of this program is quite different from all the Master's Degrees. A PhD is a pure research-based program, but this is about going through a vast number of books for 3 years in order to complete the degree. With advancement is everything, PhD has managed to acquire a number of diverse phenomena and hence, PhD now is a diverse and varied qualification and comprises of a various number of components. Here is a detailed and depth information about the various stages of the degree.

Topic selection

You have to select a topic of research with the help of an advisor’s guidance. It happens sometimes that your advisor already has an idea for you to work on or will come up with a readymade problem which you will be required to work on. But, in most cases, you will have to hunt out the area of your interest and choose a topic as per your perspective.

The advisor will only provide the guidance throughout the topic and discuss the same with you but, it is you who have to initiate the process. It will be the best of your interest to select the topic on your own, and it is recommended you begin the search procedure as soon as possible.

This process is actually the most challenging stage for any PhD aspirant. Your aim should be to come up with the most amazing research document. If the topic selection is not appropriate then you will lag behind in achieving your aim. Draft a good combination of options and key areas you wish to focus upon and finally move on to the final selection of the topic with the help of your advisor.

Thesis writing

This process should begin from the first day of your PhD. All the document work you perform contributes to the Thesis Writing in some way or the other. You have to perform numerous amounts of researches and write the final thesis along with meeting the expectations of the tutor. In order to avoid last moment rush, make sure follow a predetermined set of patterns. For a short review or an idea, you may consider the below-mentioned pattern.

  • Plan your thesis beforehand

Get along with your supervisor and strategically structure your thesis and make sure you adhere by the same structure. Before you make up the final thesis, try to make a rough draft of the thesis in order to correct any of the mistakes which are bound to arise, as your focus on the write up will as well be precise alongside it.

  • Be innovative with the content

Make sure you introduce a number of freshly brewed and crispy content in order to keep the readers interested.

  • Follow the chapter

It is not a good option to go by the chronological order, rather follow up the chapters you have been going through recently. But, it is also must to perform a cross-check and re-evaluate all the chapters at the end.

  • Follow up by a review

Follow up a precise pattern and writing style and assure you have strictly followed the same by reviewing the thesis.

Synopsis writing

Summarizing your research work is another important aspect of the PhD process. You have to make a short summary of your entire research from the beginning to the end. Avoid following the typical summary pattern and provide a general overview of the topic comprising of the ides and also the ending of the research.

A Synopsis Writing is generally referred to as the submission made to the publishers and agents at the end of the novel or a screenplay. If you want your synopsis to be effective, you have to include the subject matter including the development of the topic. The proposal comprises of the synopsis and hence, you might want to edit the same before submission.

Writing up the dissertation

Conduct your research and thesis and, move on to drafting the same into papers (or type it in your desirable word software). This writing up period is when you are required to produce the final dissertation. The dissertation is not the same for all the PhD aspirants; it varies from one individual to the other, based on the subject. You will be provided with a set of the upper and lower limit of words, within which you need to sum up your dissertation. The structure you can follow is as below

  • Start with an introduction and include all the key objectives of the research.
  • Followed by the introduction, write up the literature review. It must consist of the information about where the existing research stands and how it has driven you into your context. Also, include your unique style of research.
  • You, now have to summarize your results and explain your thesis.
  • Make sure you end up with a conclusion of your dissertation, i.e. the concluding chapter which sum up your thesis.

Presenting the dissertation in viva

The project works elsewhere can be submitted in written form and would be the end of your work. Unlike, PhD is where you have to submit your dissertation along with an oral explanation of the same. Make sure you are well prepared with the oral presentation as the impact of your project has the involvement of the PhD viva presentation. Make sure you are able to put your research forward as it is you who has to defend your thesis from the appointed yet highly knowledgeable examiners who have gone across your thesis in detail already.

The motive of this process is to examine how well are you versed with your thesis. You will be asked a lot of questions with respect to the contents of your thesis and make your argument logical. You have to defend your thesis and research and put your work forward powerfully if you wish to clear this step. If your thesis does not match the high standard of the university, you will be declared failed, which would result upon the degree not being awarded.

PhD Assistance in Hyderabad

Why Choose Us

Books and course studies aren’t enough for competition nowadays. There are a lot of other aspects you need to focus on, just so you make yourself fit as per the expectation. Balancing all the aspects and fulfilling all the expectations are great challenges that students tend to face. It isn’t about the studies but the skills an individual possesses which lets him/her fulfill the criteria, in order to qualify for the degree. The students need to be capable of dwelling deep into their stream and come up with research which would add on to or contribute to the academics.

Bhavathi Technologies has one aim. It is to provide the best PhD assistance in Hyderabad to the students as per the requirements of the PhD program which is a great deal. We provide end-to-end, high quality, innovative and affordable research and training services to whosoever are in need of it. Students can reach on to us and smoothly go through their PhD, for which we ensure special individual attention.

The faculty we managed to get together are highly qualified and trained personnel who provide expert guidance in all the activities which sum up the PhD degree. The activities we facilitate are

  • Research guidance Research Implementation
  • Paper Writing Guidance
  • Thesis Assistance
  • Workshops
  • Academic Projects
  • Training

Our Salient Features

  • We provide detailed PhD Guidance in India on all the research activities which you require while you apply for a PhD program. Also, our experts will get along with you for the fulfillment of the Thesis and submission of Research papers.
  • We provide complete guidance while you implement your research, providing you with your domain related research tools, methods, and methodologies.
  • Come up with new and innovative ideas and our experts will guide you with the unique ways of presenting and writing them.
  • You will be assisted upon thesis writing as per your domain, and the assistance covers up the promotion of learning and close coordination between the thesis guide and the research scholar.
  • We, at Bhavathi Technologies, believe in providing proper and effective PhD assistance in India. Hence, we organize events that create awareness among various academic institutions, about the importance a workshop contains and how they play a significant role in reinforcing classroom-based learning, and skills enhancement.
  • We try our best to encourage the students and promote academic projects and training just so they develop and enhance their skills which in turn will provide them with wide employment opportunities.

  • We are inspired by the passion students contain and help them to get driven by results. We provide every such facility you would be coming across while pursuing your PhD and hence, we are one single PhD Guidance in Hyderabad you can seek out for all your needs. For further inquiries feel free to contact us via any mode of communication mentioned in the website and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

The answer to this question lies within you. Your interest, training requirements and your future ambitions are what you must go through to actually determine if PhD is the perfect fit for you or not.
The degree usually ranges a span of 3-years and you are expected to submit your thesis within 12 months from the end of your programme. Few programmes also require 4 years of dedication.
There are a number of factors that determine the cost, i.e. the place you are from, the place you wish to apply to pursue a PhD from and lastly if you qualify the criteria mentioned for funding.
You can fund yourself by applying for grants to create your own package of funding or you can simply use your personal funds of any kind. You can even choose to combine both of them.
Having a Master’s degree or equivalent is a must if you wish to opt for a PhD. Also, the stream from which you belong highly affects the qualifications required so, be versed with the same.
Yes, there are a lot of students who take up PhD in part-time and they are the self-funding students. But, so are there a number of funded PhD positions which require of you to take up full time.
Research appropriately about all the universities, in terms of projects, academic influences, etc. This is generally what we will help you along the way and also provide you with the information of the supervisors you should be contacting.
This depends upon the university you wish to join and also, self-funded PhD can be started anytime around the year and it is best to start as soon as you can.
Students are required to take up MPhil in the first year and then are they required to produce a report at the end of the year. If the report is of the required standard, their registration will be transferred into PhD.
Yes, you will be required to attend a face to face interview most probably if you are applying for a studentship. Sometimes the interviews are conducted via telephone or even video conference.