PhD Literature Review in Hyderabad

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Learn the ABC of a literature review

A literature review is a scholarly paper that every literature student is familiar with. As the name itself suggests, a literature review involves reviewing a piece of literary work. They are secondary sources which report an already existing work and doesn’t involve new or experimental work. It is primarily done by undergraduate students as a part of the dissertation and involves intense research work. It is done with the objective of presenting existing literature in an organized way after critical analysis. Reviewing here means synthesizing the information in the literary work into a summary while analyzing its theories, points of view and areas of controversy with reference to the present day world and the topic chosen.

Process of writing a literature review

A literature review is quite different from a book review. The process of writing a literature review involves a series of complex steps. These steps include-

  • Decide on areas of research - There are various areas within the literature that can be explored by you. The first step is to find an area of research which is simple and according to your interest.
  • Search for literature - Having decided the specific area your dissertation will revolve around, the next step is to search for works of literature say a book or article that is related to your chosen area.
  • Find relevant excerpts - It is quite natural that not all parts of the literature material you have accumulated will be related to your area of research. So, the relevant excerpts have to be found from the selected material.
  • Code the literature - Now that you have accumulated the relevant excerpts, the next step is to understand the theme of each excerpt and keeping the similar excerpts together to be put under a topic within the review. This way you get the basic topics that will be covered in your review.
  • Create the conceptual schema - You have all the topics that you will be including in your review. The next step is to arrange these coded topics in a way that makes sense. The flow of the topics should be such that each topic is connected to the other.
  • Begin to write a literature review - The final step is to write the content by making use of your knowledge and findings and complete your review.

Having understood the entire process of writing a literature review, you must have realized that it is a daunting task that requires hours of hard work and commitment. Given the importance of this review in your degree, care should be taken while writing this review. Professional help might also be sought out for.

Your guide to a great literature review

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