Privacy Policy

Dear viewers please note that we are not associated with any colleges/universities around the globe and do not issue any Ph.D degree. Also note that Bhavathi Technologies do not have any external associates or affiliates engaged in technical support. Bhavathi Technologies is a technical support organization engaged in Ph.D technical support.

Privacy Policy

We at Bhavathi Technologies, recognize the vitality of the information the users provide on our website. We completely understand the users would wish for the information provided by them to be used in a legit way. This statement was prepared to provide clarity to the users on how we utilize and manage the personal information collected from them on this site.

Gathering of Information and Usage

When the users browse through our website, they might not provide any information to the website explicitly. However, our web servers would maintain the record of the IP Address and domain information of the user. We don’t really do anything with the information collected this way and merely use it for informational purposes. This would allow us to predict the usage of our website on the global level. Based on the usage, we would design our web servers to serve the requests without any latency. Put differently, we would utilize this information to enhance the website to benefit the visitors.

When the users contact us through this website by providing personal information like Name, Email and Contact Number, please be assured that the users have provided their personal information voluntarily to us. We store the personal information provided by the users in our database. We wouldn’t misuse the information received and use it merely to reach out to them to know more about their queries. Please be aware we will record the details of any discussions we have as a reference for further discussion. The users can be assured that all information collected is secured. We offer excellent firewall protection to our databases, and all the data won’t be reachable for any of the hackers.


Our web site may or may not use the cookies stored. It is used to offer better quality to the visitors. This would allow us to understand the requirements of the user perfectly and offer a better user experience. The cookies are basically collected to offer convenience to the users. If the user doesn’t want us to collect the cookies, they can choose to turn it off. You might receive a warning regarding the cookies when you visit our website.

Intended Audience

The intended users for this website are the students who are above 13 years of age. We don’t intend to collect any information from the children of age 13 years or under. Hence, we can’t accept any liability if such a scenario happens.

Access to External Links

We are accountable only for the contents published on this website by us. If the users access any external link, we are not liable for the information they provide. The users need to check the privacy policy of the external site to know about it.

Changes to Policy

If we change the privacy policy in the future, we will intimate the details in this webpage prior to the effect of the change. If we would like to use the personal information collected by the user in any other means other than mentioned above, we will notify the user instantly. Only with the user’s consent, we will utilize the information collected in any other means.

Terms and Conditions

This statement illustrates the terms and conditions the users have to adhere to use the website. If you utilize this website, it means you agree to all the terms mentioned in this section. Please make sure to read the terms and conditions cautiously before you proceed to use this website. If the users don’t intend to follow the terms and conditions of the website, please refrain from using the website for any purpose.

The terms and conditions mentioned here are not static, and it is subject to change periodically. We retain the authority to make any modifications to the terms and conditions. We will notify the users about the modifications in this webpage itself. The users are expected to check the check out this webpage frequently to know about any changes. In a few cases, we might have to change the terms and conditions with immediate effect as well. It will be updated on this page. Please make sure to check the terms and conditions regularly. If you use the website post the changes have been made, it indirectly means you agree to adhere to the revised terms and conditions.

The users are expected to use this website only for a legitimate purpose. The access to the website will be denied if found otherwise. The users are expected to provide accurate information while making the purchase of any course. If the information provided is not valid, we won’t take any liability for it. A contract would come into existence when we accept the user’s purchase request. We retain the liability to increase or decrease the price of a course before the purchase has been made by the users. We can also withdraw any of the course offerings before the purchase has been made.

The users must definitely pay the course fee completely to enjoy the benefits of the course. Unless and until specified, the fees cannot be paid in installments. The payment has to be made promptly at the time of purchase. The users can reach out to us to clarify the queries on this front. If there are any currency conversion charges, it has to be borne by the users. If the user wishes to cancel the course opted, the users might have to incur cancellation charges. The cancellation charges depend on various factors. In case of any payment disputes, please reach out to us to know more details about it.

The payment gateway we use is extremely secure. The users can be assured of the safety of the transactions. The materials provided to the users are to be used for educational purpose only. We reserve the copyrights for all the materials shared to the students. The users are not expected to share the materials provided to you to the outside world. Actions might be taken if found otherwise. If the user wants to share their course materials, it must come to our notice first. Only with our approval, the users are entitled to share the materials. The users can reach out to us directly in case of any concerns or queries.